Nokia N82 review

Through the S60 Ambassador program I was loaned a BRAND NEW Nokia N82.

Opening the N82 and learning how to use it was a breeze, it was the familiar s60 software that I came to love in my first real Nokia device, the 6682, which I got 3 years ago from Cingular when I was unimpressed with all of the other devices they had listed… I have since become a loyal Nokia fan as well as the S60 platform. A couple of months ago I purchased a used unlocked (Or, BORN FREE) N73, which was a step up from my aging 6682. It has an amazing 3.2Mp camera, and I started taking pictures all the time, using Lifeblog and uploading my pictures to Photobucket and MySpace / Facebook. Going from a 1.3Mp camera in my 6682 to the 3.2 Mp camera in the N73 was amazing, but words cannot describe what it was like to move up to a 5.0Mp with the Xenon flash found on the N82

On the outside, the N82 might look very similar, and act very similar, to the N73 but this was not the case! This is a huge jump up! Nokia knows that this is how you improve a model!

Aside from the features that are not visible like the GPS and an accelerometer-like-feature for screen positioning, there is increased internal memory from the 73’s 42mb to an astounding 128mb it had noticeable impact.

The pc connection has been changed from the CA-53 which was the clunky bottom mounted connector found on most Nokias’, to the CA-101 which is a small almost Micro USB sized connector, it is close to the one for the N8*0 Internet Tablets, but it is not the same, instead it is proprietary, so do not lose it! Also there is a 3.5mm connector on the top which can be used for connecting speakers, headphones, or the included RCA jack plug for connecting to your TV for showing Video! I use mine for connecting in the car and using as an MP3 Player, when I get a call the microphone cancels out itself running through the car speakers, it actually works really well, except I still have to hold the phone.

One nice thing that I noticed about the N82 was the “App in use” icon located in the top right of each icon in use. A little blue circle that lets you know that something in that folder is open, and as you open folders you can find what you have open. This was helpful in knowing how I was conserving battery life. And just knowing what the phone was doing

I have really had a decent amount of time to really push this phone and play with it. Today I plugged the phone into my friends 7” monitor in his car stereo and used Google maps to show active traffic while we were heading into Manhattan.

With the built in Wi-Fi I am finding it much easier to browse the web when I am in places where I know there is a connection, this makes it much easier for me uploading pictures to my OviShare account, or keeping up with conversations on Jaiku…

While I love the service I get with AT&T I must join the ranks in ranting about not being able to take advantage of US 3G. I am looking forward to seeing how this phone compares to the N78 which I hope will be coming out soon… With the built in FM Module I think that this phone should defiantly be targeted to the iPhone/Pod crowd, as every fm modulator I have bought for my iPod hasn’t worked properly. I like when I get out of my car, and disconnect the tape adapter, my song follows me to the door of where I am going.

I have not yet tried the N95 but have heard nothing but good things, my only thing is that while I do listen to music, It is not so driven as to need something as bulky as the N95, which I feel is built around the music, with it’s dedicated keys and whatnot. I’m sure that if one were to fall into my lap I’d be listening to more music and changing my tune… But until that date (any time now guys…) I would have to say that the N82 is a very powerful phone for my needs

I believe this phone is one further step in the right direction, a move that has continued to show Nokia’s desire to offer features necessary to consumers.

Now break out the N78!

Daniel Silvers


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