Dandandan as of late…

I’ve been distant… I realize this, and I will be working on this…

I finished my Anatomy and Physiology class… So, I just need to CLEP Chemistry then I am done with school for now, and can take my boards for Respiratory Care… And start working!

I’ve been back to using my old N73 so along with being away from a pc due to being on the road or in class all night and such, I’ve stepped down from my more recent past connected state… So aside from checking mail and Jaiku, that’s about the extent I’ve been able to connect…

I’m sitting at my PC now… Funny how I can finally sit in front of a PC, it kinda feels weird…  But I love being able to be mobile… but I miss my PC…

I have recently fallen back in love with my N800 internet tablet… Especially since So we’ll see how that changes things, except that the battery isn’t lasting as long as I remember it…

I’ve just felt a bit weird lately, maybe it’s the heat…

More to follow..


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