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So… 3 weeks ago I received an email asking me to participate in a new mobile media tracking application. 

It’s called NokiaviNe and it’s a very similar application to Sportstracker

This application will use the phones GPS and internet connection to track location and photos as well as songs played videos taken.

Very similar to the Sportstracker in that when you ran, or in my case, drove, it would track your speed and music played through the phone.


Right now, I’m stumped though, as, I’m trying to come up with my Bio for the site…


I’m not working for some company involved in web 2.0

I’m not working on anything involving mobile devices

I’m not even working…


I am online, I participate in conversations, and I try to stay abreast on information related to mobile technologies.

I try to stay in touch with the people who are in the know on these technologies, and I guess, that’s how I was invited to participate!

I try to pass on that information… I try to keep the ball rolling… I try to tell everyone I know, about things I think they should know about!


I am me, and this is my bio so far…

Daniel is new to the mobile technology field but has embraced all that it has to offer.  
Daniel found that he could accomplish more in his free time via his smart phone…
Soon that was it, he was hooked on his phone, and now spends far less time stuck to a PC…
Daniel blogs from his personal site as well as his pseudonym “mobiledan
He is frequently heard from blogging, texting or emailing from the road, where he spends much of his time. 
How’s it sound so far? anything I should add, take out?